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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Dec 4, 2017

Interview with New York-based fashion columnist and personal branding expert Sharon Haver.

Topics talked about

  • Sharon’s family background, family’s financial status when she was young and the lifestyle she grew up with which her mother chose for her.
  • How she started her career in the fashion industry despite her parents’ disapproval
  • Analogy between off-price retail store Loehmann’s and her belief that you can afford what you want to afford.
  • She basically grew up learning how to look great in any budget
  • Karen relates how Sharon grew up just like CNBC’s Karen Finerman, who said that she was raised as “Calvinist” basically saying that her mother bought her girls Calvin Klein clothes because she wanted that to be all they knew so that when they were out on their own and they were on college they will have to earn enough money to pay for the lifestyle that they were accustomed to.
  • The creation of the FocusOnStyle fashion blog in 1999 at a time when blogs weren’t popular yet
  • Stepping into your star power so that you can live the life that you dream about
  • How to create a look that make you feel rich from the inside to the outside that will eventually make you attract the clients that you want
  • Being rich is not about having a lot of money but just feeling like you have a rich life. -- Karen
  • Services offered during her entrepreneurial journey in the fashion industry and how she started helping people with this
  • You have a lot of opportunities because you know how to best position yourself online.
  • Be real, inspirational and authentic by being confident in what you’re doing and claiming it and owning it
  • Mastery brings confidence
  • Need for a good SEO and well-designed website in order to position yourself as an expert
  • The importance of having good headshots for online personal branding

-how to look great in headshots

-importance of keeping yourself current for personal branding

- Perception/how you are perceived by the people you want to attract

- Bridging the gaps between millennials and midlife persons when it comes to personal branding and creating headshots

  • Perception is key. It’s like how you are perceived by the people you want to attract. And it’s something that you can totally engineer.
  • Simply Amazing Headshots Program



“You can afford what you want to afford.”
“We shouldn’t limit ourselves by what we can and can’t afford.”

“We should be able to make the best of the resources we have.”

“The problem with the new generation is that they are not positioning themselves for success.”

“You’ve got to do the best of being you.”

“You can’t let someone else dress you, you can’t let someone else design your brand…”

“You can’t let someone else design your personal brand.”

“One way of keeping yourself ahead is keeping yourself current. If you’re not current, time is just going to pass you by.”

“Millennials are born with phone in their hand and they know how to take their own photos easily they will think about it and midlife are all full of excuses as to why they can’t do, why they have to change it, etc.”


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