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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Nov 20, 2017

Interview with guest distance runner, author, Spanish teacher,  diversity educator, and “Fat Girl Running” blogger Mirna Valerio.


  • How Mirna addresses issues of “body shaming,” for instance, when she received a horrible message from someone who accused her of being a liar and a fraud at running because of her body weight
  • She identifies herself as a fat woman participating in ultra marathons, the kind where everyone is expected to be thin.
  • She recounts her health struggles that made her realized that women deserve to be looked after
  • Valerio talks about women in the outdoors campaign, which pertains to the need for women to enjoy activities with nature.
  • How Karen was introduced to Mirna.
  • The impact of hurtful words on someone’s confidence
  • Valerio believes that the job of adults is to educate girls in schools that they are worthy, they are powerful, they are strong, they are able and then to inculcate that attitude so that the girls will learn them.
  • How boarding school has changed herself from being shy to being confident
  • Her passions for writing, speaking, blogging, workshops, design and ideal job
  • Advice for women to create a business and a life that they love


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