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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Apr 30, 2018


In this episode, Karen talks about LinkedIn for the Right-Brained Business Professional.

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Episode Spotlights: 

  • Did you know that Karen is also a reiki master and dream coach?
  • How to use the right side of your brain to grow your business
  • The rapid decline of engagement across all social media except on LinkedIn [06:32]
  • LinkedIn is about relationship marketing [07:48]
  • A sure-fire way to grow your business is by referrals and having conversations with people [08:45]
  • LinkedIn needs to be YOU – not the person you are trying to be. Be REAL. [12:45]
  • Linkedin is your place to build relationships – the more you build the better. [13:02]
  • LinkedIn is FREE! [16:42]
  • The importance of posting short videos on LinkedIn [20:21]

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

Buzzsumo article
10 Ways To Use Linkedin From A More Right Brained Point of View
LinkedUp Revolution

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