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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Apr 23, 2018

This week, Good Girls Get Rich features, guest, Christina Daves. Christina is a serial entrepreneur and award-winning inventor who founded PR for Anyone and is the author of PR for Anyone.


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Who Is Christina Daves:

  • Christina wanted to handle her own PR, so she taught herself everything she needed to know.
  • With no PR contacts, Christina still managed to appear in over 50 media outlets (including national and local television, magazines and radio) in her first year of business. From Steve Harvey and Dr. Oz to local affiliates of NBC, CBS, FOX and the CW, to national publications like Parenting Magazine and The Washington Post, Christina has been able to secure appearances in many major media outlets.


Episode Spotlights:

  • You don’t have to be Oprah (or be endorsed by Oprah) to book appearances
  • Every person has something that they can provide to the media that is newsworthy and has a story – you just have to know how to pitch it [01:39]
  • Whatever you’re amazing at, you have got to claim it and let the world know [03:03]
  • How to successfully pitch to the media [06:49]
  • Getting started with a story idea that reporters will love [10:16]
  • The importance of networking and relationship building with media outlets and reporters [14:00]
  • Ask for the media exposure, interview and speaking engagements
  • How to become visible to your audience in 10 days


If you do the work, you will see results!

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:


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