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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Jun 6, 2018

This week, Good Girls Get Rich features, guest, Simone Craig. Simone has a bachelors degree in accounting and years of experience in accounting. She is a very passionate student of the Law of Attraction. She has combined her accounting experience and the Law of Attraction to create 6-figure bookkeeping business. Simone is very passionate about helping us keep money in our bank accounts!


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Episode Spotlights:

  • Simone and Karen met while finding their niche in the online business market (2:15)
  • Numbers are reliable and that is what drew Simone to major in accounting in college (4:00)
  • That is what half of her life was about – reliability
  • She had an offer to work for KPMG before graduating college (5:00)
  • Simone enjoyed the accounting work, but was miserable in the corporate environment (6:03)
  • Our emotions and emotional life are directly correlated to our financial life (7:13)
  • Simone used overspending to compensate with her unhappiness
  • Simone looked for other ways to make her feel better; these were more creative pursuits (9:14)
  • Simone ended up in California but then made her way back to her parent’s house (10:15)
  • She decided to buy the book “The Secret” to help her move out of her parent’s home in a year
  • Simone created a budget and stuck to it (12:18)
  • Studies tell us that how we approach things is 80% of the game (13:04)
  • The key is “what is your level of belief?” and that will be the level of your result (15:05)
  • Simone moved out in a year and had a successful business because she believed she could (and worked hard) (17:08)
  • 1925 Karen has started to truly keep track of what comes in and out every month and can look at what is working during the month and what is not (19:25)
  • Six figures in corporate is very different than six figures as an entrepreneur (21:45)
  • Entrepreneurship has been one of the biggest spiritual teachers in Simone’s life (23:06)
  • Numbers is what supports the creativity of having your own business (24:37)
  • It takes courage to look at a financial projection for your business (25:15)
  • It is courageous to open up an expense that you have been putting off (26:23)
  • Karen tries to keep her personal expenses low (28:19)
  • It isn’t about what you can afford, it is about what you choose to afford
  • Financial growth hinges on being comfortable with being temporarily uncomfortable (29:54)
  • Simone sat down and wrote out on a spreadsheet how much she wanted to make in a year and then divided that by each month (30:53)
  • If I want to be making xxx a month, what do I need to sell to make that? How many clients does that mean that you need to pick up every month?
  • Then Simone broke out her expenses – she even included the time off she wanted to have
  • She told a story through numbers
  • It was very easy for Simone to believe she could get a corporate job, but it was a mindset shift for Simone to believe that she could inspire potential clients to hire her (34:20)
  • Think about how you will feel when you reach your goal (36:15)
  • It is your business to feel empowered every day (36:59)
  • Inspire energy to work in your favor (37:50)
  • You have to have the mindset that you will achieve your goals, but you also have to have the trust that it will (39:31)
  • It is not about working harder, it is about working smarter (40:00)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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Simone’s Free PDF: Create Thousands in Sales NOW
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