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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Aug 21, 2018

This week on Good Girls Get Rich is part one of a three part series surrounding your email list. In part one, Karen discusses the importance of an email list and how to set yourself up for success.


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Episode Spotlights:

  • Your email list is the one place where size matters - the more subscribers, the better (3:02)
  • You need to have a consistent plan for your email list (4:08)
  • Don’t worry about unsubscribes – these people probably won’t buy from you anyway (5:07)
  • Karen actually went through and deleted the users who haven’t opened her emails in years (6:54)
  • Create a new lead generation offer and send it to your current list and ask them to share it, in turn, building your email list (8:55)
  • Are you promoting your lead gen as much as you’re promoting your paid programs and/or services? (9:55)
  • Do you have a call to action on your social media channels directing your followers to your lead gen? (11:20)
  • Karen’s goal on her website is for users to opt into her email list – it is above the fold on every page (13:30)
  • Keep a look out for users that subscribe with a name with all capital letters, just one letter, etc and change it to something that you can put after the word “dear” or “hey” (15:20)
  • Co-marketing and telesummits can help build your email list (17:00)
  • Use speaking gigs to collect email addresses – Karen normally has attendees fill out a paper form to receive her freebie (19:02)
  • Host a webinar – this way users will put their email in to watch your webinar (21:00)
  • There are so many ways to advertise your webinar without paid ads – Karen loves using LinkedIn for this (21:42)
  • Track your list building by month – this way you know whether or not you are building your list (23:17)

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