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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

May 20, 2019

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media and in it, Karen talks all about imposter syndrome and she shares tips on how to overcome it. According to Psychology Today, imposter syndrome is a psychological term referring to a pattern of behavior where people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud. Listen and learn to start recognizing that imposter syndrome happens to all of us, including Maya Angelou.




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Episode Spotlights:

  • One of the services that UpLevel Media provides is writing LinkedIn profiles. Contact them here if you need help making that first great impression. (4:39)
  • What is Imposter Syndrome? (6:00)
  • Have you ever experienced Imposter Syndrome? Karen shares her experience with it. (7:15)
  • Recognize that Imposter Syndrome happens to all of us and we need to have tools to learn how to overcome that. (10:30)
  • Write a great LinkedIn profile that positions you the way you want the world to see you. (11:27)
  • Imposter Syndrome is most prevalent among high-achievers. (12:50)
  • Tips on how to overcome Imposter Syndrome
    • #1: Give up perfect. (13:30)
    • #2: Keep a positivity file. (16:18)
    • #3: Let somebody else write your LinkedIn profile for you. (20:45)
  • Important questions to answer when writing your LinkedIn profile (22:00)
  • Recap of the episode. (24:28)


Resources Mentioned In This Episode:


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