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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Jul 23, 2018

This week on Good Girls Get Rich, Karen is digging deep into how to use social media to maximize your time at conferences.


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Episode Spotlights:

  • You want to meet NEW people at events (3:29)
  • Have you ever been to an even and knew that you could have gotten more out of the event, but didn’t? (5:05)
  • Do research on all events before saying “yes” – are there people that are there that can bring value to your business? (6:20)
  • What is your goal for the event?
  • Look at a conference’s website and determine the top three people that you want to make a strong connection with (7:40)
  • Make sure you’re following them on all of their social media accounts and two months before the conference message them and let them know you are looking forward to learning from them (8:40)
  • Share the three people that you want to connect with at the conference’s content (10:40)
  • Now find three more people that you want to connect with and start the same process (12:00)
  • Look like somebody someone wants to get to know – your profiles need to look professionals (13:40)
  • Be present at the event and use the event hashtag in your social media posts (14:20)
  • Leverage relationships however they work best for you – set interviews up and more (17:45)
  • The fortune is in the follow up (18:15)
  • Write all the speakers that you connected with on LinkedIn a recommendation (18:48)

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