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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Nov 2, 2018

This week, Good Girls Get Rich features Chel Hamilton. Chel Hamilton has over two decades of experience helping people overcome anxiety, self doubt, and patterns of negative thinking that steal the motivation and joy from our lives.


Her free podcast “Meditation Minis” of short guided meditations for anxiety and stress relief was the Podcasters Academy winner for Best Religion & Spirituality Podcast 2017 and has been download over 12 million times.


You can find the Meditation Minis on iTunes, Spotify mobile, and the web. Visit subscribe to the show and learn more about upcoming courses and live events.



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Episode Spotlights:

  • Chel’s podcast started in 2015 and then became it’s own thing. It’s now making enough money for Chel to stop seeing clients and can support Chel full time (4:15)
  • The podcast has over twelve million downloads now! (4:50)
  • She didn’t set out to monetize it but put a lot of time and effort into keywords and strategy before she launched the podcast. (6:25)
  • Did NOT set out to have a meditation podcast, but found the balance between guided imagery and hypnosis to fit what she wanted to do, which was to create something out in the world to reach people who might want to work with Chel for hypnotherapy. (7:05)
  • She created a show that she personally would listen to. (8:47)
  • Around the year mark, Chel went to Podcast Movement, and she fell head over heels in love with Podcasters as human beings, and decided she wanted to continue to be a part of that tribe! (11:39)
  • Meditation Minis is now getting sponsors, and it’s the only part of the podcast process that is outsources. Chel treats the meditations like pieces of art, like songs. (13:51)
  • What’s next? By Christmas 2018 Chel will be launching a membership site to further support her podcast community. (14:46)
  • Jump in to the podcast community! They’re so ridiculously helpful. (17:54)
  • Research what the market is searching for, and couple it with what you would listen to, and let those two things synthesize together, you’re podcast will be great. (21:52)
  • Use keyword research tools (check below for Karen’s blog on keywords!) and use the crap out of the free trial, look for searches that are big enough and look for the patterns (22:52)
  • Lots of ways to monetize your podcast. (25:45)
  • Podcasting is a great way for people to feel like they know you. It’s a great onramp to getting clients. (27:18)
  • And you don’t have to do hair and makeup! Kick back in your pjs and talk into the mic (27:15)
  • Chels favorite TV show growing up is … (28:40)
  • Having a podcast allows you to do a ton of cool things! (30:19)
  • The time is now, and the episodes can be repurposed even if you don’t decide to continue with the journey. (30:59)
  • Chel’s upcoming book is called “Bulletproof Tranquility” and will hopefully be available mid=spring 2019!

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