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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Oct 1, 2018

This week on Good Girls Get Rich is part three of a three part series surrounding your email list. In the first two parts, Karen gave effective tips and strategies on BUILDING your email list that can set yourself up for success. In this episode, Karen talks about MAILING that list because what is the sense of growing your email list if you are not going to mail them? You don’t want to miss this one!


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Episode Spotlights:

  • How big your email list is almost being asked like how much money do you have in the bank (2:52)
  • Our inboxes are crazy overloaded these days. How often should you mail your email list? (3:24)
  • Successful digital marketers are emailing their email list every single week, at a minimum. (4:55)
  • Karen’s first digital marketing mentor, Marie Forleo (5:50)
  • You shouldn’t worry about losing some people on your email list.  (6:40)
  • Find out why newsletters have kind of gone by the wayside (7:25)
  • The number one thing that can attribute success to consistent content and consistent emailing (9:00)
  • Karen’s system in mailing email list
    • Think about whatthe content is going to be (10:05)
    • Create a Google Doc or Google Sheets where you can list topic ideas (10:35)
  • Other ways to create content aside from a blog and a podcast (12:50)
  • Put 20-30 words in a basket (13:45)
  • Ways and systems to repurpose your content (15:35)
  • Sending emails to your email list about your content (17:40)
  • You only need one hour a week to mail your list every week (19:05)
  • Write catchy subject lines to boost your email open rates (20:05)
  • Schedule that email ahead of time based on your email statistics (21:05)
  • Summary of tips and strategies from today’s episode (23:30)
  • Join Karen’s Triple Your Biz Club (24:30)

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