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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Apr 12, 2018

This week, Good Girls Get Rich features, guest, Belinda Rosenblum, co-author of “Self-Worth to Net Worth” and “12 Keys to Creating Wealth Inside and Out”. She is a CPA and Wealth Expert who takes the fear and worry out of money. Belinda is somebody who walks her talk. She works hard to be authentic.

co-author of a book Self-Worth to Net worth and 12 Keys to Creating Wealth Inside and Out.


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Who Is Belinda Rosenblum:

  • Belinda Rosenblum is helping thousands of people discover how “owning your money” creates certainty, security, and the life of financial independence they deserve.
  • Belinda is the President of, a financial coaching and education company teaching individuals, couples and business owners how to make personal finance and small business success rewarding, manageable, and profitable.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Belinda shares her advice for entrepreneurs who suffer from imposter syndrome [03:39]
  • She shares her journey from corporate to entrepreneur to help people get on their feet and earn money [07:50]
  • Everyone has the ability to design our business around the life that we want [11:36]
  • How to help people start taking control of their own income [14:15]
  • Be clear on which services and/or offerings you want to offer the world to support the life that you want to have [18:50]
  • Business owners need to articulate the value they are delivering in a way that makes it easy for possible clients/customers to say yes [21:30]
  • Know your customer avatar – be clear on what your avatar’s pain points are [22:11]
  • Clients/Customers are buying you services, not because of price, but because you are helping them with their pain point [22:32]

4 Steps To Manage Your Money

  1. Mindset and Earning – Get your head on straight. Let go of fear and shame. Rewrite the money story you believed. [29:00]
  2. Tracking and Spending – Do something to earn more money, not necessarily work more, but work smarter. [30:50]  Use a spreadsheet to track where exactly your money is going.
  3. Credit and Debt – Look at your credit score, take steps to improve it and pay off your debt. [35:00]
  4. Saving and Investing – Start saving money by automating it AND start investing your savings to make more money. [36:00]


Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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