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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Mar 27, 2018

This week, Good Girls Get Rich features, guest, Jennifer Johnson. She is the founder and CEO of CinchShare and the mastermind behind all it's time-saving platform.

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Who Is Jennifer Johnson:

  • Jennifer created CinchShare to help home-based business owners save more time by using a simple social media scheduler.
  • Jennifer has grown CinchShare from one single user in 2014 to over 40,000 users worldwide. Her commitment to the success of direct sellers and network marketers and her belief that business owners should be able to focus on work that they love while spending time with their families is what drives her.
  • Jennifer loves working around the busy schedule of her 4 children in sunny Florida and in her spare time enjoys kayaking, playing guitar and creating pottery.

Episode Spotlights:

  • Jennifer shared how she started being an entrepreneur and how the idea of CinchShare started
  • She also shared reasons why CinchShare doesn’t have a free plan but affordable plans for business owners
  • CinchShare is a great source for network marketers as well as for small business owners
  • One of CinchShare’s greatest features is that Canva is built-in
  • How her CinchShare team transitioned from working from home to working in their clubhouse
  • Jennifer also talked about the future of CinchShare

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