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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Mar 9, 2018

This week, Good Girls Get Rich features, guest, Jamie Broderick, a visibility strategist who helps entrepreneurs become market leaders by building their platform, leveraging their connections and shining the light on their unique talents.

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Who Is Jamie Broderick:

  • A visibility strategist who helps entrepreneurs become market leaders by building their platform, leveraging their connections, and shining the light on their unique talents.
  • Her endless creativity and knowledge has gifted her with the uncanny ability to connect people together and provide just the right advice.
  • She leads a business support network that she founded 10 years ago called The Success Connection, which provides market leadership training in her course, Above the Crowd, and hosts two annual confidence building retreats in Florida and New York.
  • She also co-produces TEDxLincolnSquare in NYC.

Episode Spotlights:

  • How Jamie built a platform for women by selling products and services
  • Giving women a voice and helping them make an impact
  • Importance of local networking and taking it online
  • The importance of having a network of connections
  • Cultivating relationships and the art of following up
  • Providing value to your connections based on what you know about them
  • The importance of connecting with people before your event starts
  • Why getting involved with influencers is a must
  • Making decisions and solving problems
  • Clients want to know what you can bring to the table now and not what you are looking to learn to do
  • What are the kinds of things you need to be perceived as the leader in your market? Do you want to be the market leader?
  • Jamie’s thoughts on “fake it, till you make it”
  • Surround yourself with an honest support system that will be with you every step of the way
  • How Jamie became the co-producer of TEDxLincolnSquare
  • How dressing well gives confidence to go out there and speak about your brand
  • Getting a headshot and importance of having one

Final Insights:

  • When you have online credibility and media appearances, it opens a door to new [larger] connections, which leads to visibility and then even more credibility.
  • Owning it. Confidence is the first step.
  • More impact, less effort.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Jamie’s Website







Jamie’s Visibility Course


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