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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

May 15, 2023

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, Karen shares 2 actionable tips to getting over call reluctancy. 

Do you have fear of jumping on phone calls? Here are 2 tips on how to overcome that fear!


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About the Episode:

Do you have moments when you know you should be hopping on calls with people but don’t seem to have the necessary courage to do it? That’s called call reluctance. It is common with many of us, and most of the time, it is the block between us and the next high ticket that we’ve been eyeing. Today is the day we bid farewell to this syndrome.

In this episode, I share two actionable tips to help you feel at ease when makings. The first thing you should do is practice your pitch. Before you hop on a call with anyone, make sure you practice the pitch, and you are comfortable with it. You can do it in front of a mirror or with someone close to you.

The second thing you can do is make use of a script. This sounds a bit controversial, considering I don’t advocate for scripts. I recommend having some bullet points to help you through the call. Don’t go for a word-to-word script. It might make you lose your authenticity.

Once you are on the call, find a warm way of starting the conversation. It can be as simple as complimenting the other person on the amazing work they are doing. You can point out what you love about their work. For instance, if they have a podcast, you can share the episode you enjoyed the most.

Listen to learn more.


Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • How to get over call reluctancy [01:45]
  • Practicing your pitch [03:31]
  • Use a modified script [06:50]


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