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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Mar 6, 2023

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich is brought to you by Uplevel Media CEO and LinkedIn expert, Karen Yankovich. In this episode, guests Jennifer Evans, Claire Otway, and Karen Yankovich talk about the power of building relationships.

Jennifer Evans is an Expert Transformation Coach, Best- Belling Author, and Reiki Master. Claire Otway is an International Athlete and Corporate rapid riser, establishing Neon Juno to provide high-performance, executive and business coaching. Together, they host the Exponential Potential podcast.


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About the Episode:

I cannot count how many times I encourage you to jump on calls with people and get to know them. The Exponential Potential podcast is a product of building relationships. 

Meet Jennifer Evans Zen aka ZenJen and Claire Otway. These two amazing ladies were my students for my She’s LinkedUp Masterclass in different cohorts. I was shocked to see them co-host a podcast together. According to our guests, their relationship started with a simple call. Later, Zen got interested in how Claire was doing her videos and her authenticity. They had several calls, and at the end of every call, they always wondered why they didn’t record it. Later, Claire suggested they do a podcast, and Zen had no objection.

Claire Oatway is an experienced and inspiring speaker who has addressed countless audiences at networking and business events, been a guest on podcasts, and taught hundreds of aspiring executives across the globe topics such as strategy and leadership. She has also been recognized internationally as an innovative and inspirational leader and has served as a global judge for innovation, transformation, and leadership awards.

Jennifer Evans Zen is an expert transformation coach. She helps her clients gain clarity, confidence, and courage, releasing overwhelm and negative patterns to live in flow. She is also an amazon bestselling author with her book “Flow Freedom Happiness”.

In this episode, Claire and Zen share how they met, the birth of their podcast and their goals for 2023.

Listen and learn.


Episode Spotlights:

  • Where to find everything for this week’s episode:
  • Getting to know Jennifer [02:39]
  • Getting to know Claire [03:52]
  • The evolution of the exponential potential podcast [05:46]
  • The birth of Jen and Claire’s relationship [07:55]
  • How Jen and Claire are benefiting from their podcast [12:57]
  • Jen’s plan for 2023 [25:38]
  • How Jen helps people [26:37]
  • Learn more about Jen [28:26]
  • Claire and Jen’s journey into ai [31:21]


Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“Get on the phone with people even if you don’t know where the conversation goes on, even if it doesn’t make any sense.”

“Nobody’s hiring you without googling you first.”

“I think podcasts really do help you dive into the lives of, of people.”


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