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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Jun 11, 2018

In this episode, Karen talks about optimizing your LinkedIn profile to obtain paying speaking gigs.

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Episode Spotlights:

  • This is a training podcast (4:02)
  • Do you come up when people search for speakers on LinkedIn? (5:05)
  • The last thing you want to be is the best kept secret in town, that is horrible for a speaker (5:32)
  • The difference between SEO & ads is that, with SEO, you are putting your stuff in front of people that you KNOW are interested in what you do (7:19)
  • Your LinkedIn profile - your personal brand needs to speak for itself - are you including keywords in your profile? (7:58)
  • When you create your profile, make it client facing. Identify your market - who is searching for you? What are they looking for? Who are their clients? (9:32)
  • Your headline & summary should be should include keywords (10:42)
  • Which keywords are your searchers using to find you? (12:50)
  • LinkedIn Endorsements – You can choose your top 3 endorsements, the more people that endorse you for certain skills, the more you appear in search results for those skills (15:03)
  • If you’re connecting to too many people, you may miss important messages. Connect with 20-50 people a week, no more (18:45)
  • Don’t pitch the moment you connect with someone, the more you talk about them, the higher the chance this new connection will hire you for a speaking gig (24:13)
  • Develop actual relationships with your new connections, be authentic (26:30)
  • Get recommendations from the organizers and attendees of an event that you have spoken at (28:14)
  • A new tool that LinkedIn has that almost no one knows about – have attendees click on “my network” and at the top of this page there is a tab that says “find nearby”; click that and then add the attendees on LinkedIn (30:10)
  • This is how you can follow up with people from your talk, without needing their email address (33:33)
  • LinkedIn SSI Score - use this to grow the effectiveness of your marketing (35:00)
  • You need to be YOU! (35:30)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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Amanda Tento at The Determined Mom - thank you for a great review!
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