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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

May 14, 2018

In this episode, Karen talks about how important digital marketing with the human touch is.

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Episode Spotlights:

  • My chat with Dana Lee (0:50)
  • The public wants Mark Zuckerberg to operate with integrity (2:00)
  • Facebook should make sure they are operating with authenticity (2:35)
  • LinkedIn is not having any issues because they have never allowed bots to connect to their platform (4:45)
  • LinkedIn accounts get shut down very quickly because of automation (5:45)
  • LinkedIn is enforcing their terms of service and always making sure you are logging into your account and not your assistant (7:25)
  • If your business comes from word of mouth, that is a reason to use LinkedIn (9:00)
  • LinkedIn is word of mouth on steroids
  • Use LinkedIn to find leads using their search tools and then take the step to build actual relationships with your connections (10:45)
  • Digital marketing with the human touch is when someone feels like they know you just from your digital presence (12:30)
  • My goal is for you to grow your business easily (17:40)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

New, Free LinkedIn Workshop
LinkedIn for the Right-Brained Business Professional
Inspirational Interview with Dana Lee

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