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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Oct 23, 2017

“It’s okay to be good, it’s okay to be rich…and let’s do this and change the world together.”

-          Women are the main breadwinners in most families but paid lesser than men
-          Women needs to learn how to use social media and LinkedIn to show their confidence and how amazing they are with the world
-          Learning to be comfortable and good at what you do
-          Do business with the best in the business, not with mediocre ones
-          Karen shares her story when she was 16 years old and she went to her high school boyfriend’s house on a Christmas eve; how she felt about being the center of attention among adults there, how she got along with a predominantly adult male group and beat them in a card game she knew nothing about in year 1977, a time when societal norms did not allow girls to be the one to go to boys’ houses.
-          Do what is expected of you 
-          There’s so much unlearning to do in order to show up as a “good girl”
-          Women empowerment, how great you are, how good you are
-          Good girl – a woman who starts stepping into that power despite societal norms, despite how you may have grown up, despite feeling uncomfortable bragging through the use of social media
-          How to attract high-end clients and to become rich
-          Learn confidence to help you establish your personal brand
-          Using business networking through LinkedIn in establishing relationship with other people in the business
How to Get Started on LinkedIn
-          Getting started on your LinkedIn profile (frontdoor to your business)
-invest in professional headshot: have your make-up done by professional hair and makeup artist, hire a professional photographer, dress like a professional 
-tips on how to make a summary of your LinkedIn profile/include a call-to-action to bring in engagement
-make your profile client-facing; think about what people are searching for and make it about them
-tell people confidently that you are really good at what you do
-tell people that you are peers with the most influential people in the industry
-position yourself as the best in your business
Karen Yankovich   CEO, Uplevel Media
Phone: 201-355-0088 (tel:201-355-0088)