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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Oct 25, 2018

This week, Good Girls Get Rich we’re talking all things Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents. If you’re a Realtor, and you’re ready to start marketing with some simple, EFFECTIVE cutting edge techniques, this one’s for you!!


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Episode Spotlights:

  • In this episode we’re going to talk about six ways to create a marketing plan to get at least 20 more listing every year (1:15)
  • You’re going to get action steps with each techniques to get results quickly (2:00)
  • Are you marketing on shopping carts? It must work, you’re still doing it, but where are you doing YOUR shopping these days? (3:45)
  • Where are your clients eyes? On their phones! (4:09)
  • You MUST have a Facebook business page if you want to be taken seriously as a Realtor (4:51)
  • Your page must be ROBUST. Check out Episode 52. You need to be having conversations on your page, don’t just post your listings. (6:06)
  • Your business is focused on your community. Incorporate the community into everything you do. (6:45)
  • Don’t be afraid to boost posts! Don’t throw money out the window, do it strategically. (10:04)
  • Hashtags – are you using hastags on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter? (11:00)
  • Listen to how Karen’s client landed TWO million dollar listings just by being able to TALK about hashtags (12:15)
  • A Hashtag is a search term, go search who’s using the hastag with your town name that you serve and start jumping in to those conversations, get visible. (13:45)
  • Go down the rabbit hole a bit and do some hashtag research (14:21)
  • Once you do this research you have it for your marketing for your properties. (15:00)
  • Live Video. If you have a smartphone, you have a marketing tool in your hands. (15:45)
  • Incorporate it into your marketing for your properties. (16:00)
  • Put your buyer into the picture (16:25)
  • Do live video for community events – tag the pages for the community organizations you’re featuring. This is how things go viral. (17:47)
  • Hear Karen’s story about how a diner did this exact technique with massive success. (19:12)
  • What cool things are happening in your community that your audience wants to know about? Do some behind the scenes lives! (20:50)
  • Putting our PR caps on now – are you familiar with HARO? (24:44)
  • Karen’s Realtor clients are being featured in MAJOR media outlets from simple HARO strategies (25:15)
  • How about your local journalists? Are you developing relationships with them? (26:14)
  • Hear about Karen’s client Aaron who was featured on after a few simple LinkedIn strategies. (27:38
  • You had to know LinkedIn was coming, right? It’s what makes you stand out from your insane competition. (28:30)
  • LinkedIn is your opportunity to tell the world what you want them to know about you, but you have to do the work up front. (29:14)
  • What are people searching for on LinkedIn that you want to come up in the search results? :Learn where to use those keywords. (29:40)
  • Real Estate Agents are notoriously terrible about having a list building strategy. Your database is your GOLD. (31:04)
  • Do you have a designated lead magnet? You MUST. (31:20)
  • Make it simple and easy to get a YES to get them into your database. (32:05)
  • Simple things like how to make your house smell great for your open house. (32:40)
  • THEN – email them weekly. Learn a simple process. (33:05)
  • If you implement one or two of these things and start implementing you’ll see HUGE results. (33:20)
  • Karen shares some fun ways to get relevant content to put in your weekly emails. (34:32)
  • Make your emails simple and on one main topic, then do a PS with properties. (35:19)
  • Learn how to build your database with your Facebook Lives (36:00)
  • Put a simple process in place to make it easy, and maybe even outsource. (36:40)
  • Nothing is more important in digital marketing than your email database. (37:05)
  • You need a strategy. Is your brain exploding now with ideas? (38:36)
  • Imagine if these simple strategies can bring in an additional 20 listings into your business every year. This is not theory, these are proved strategies. (39:50)
  • Now what? You just got a ton of information, take baby steps. Grab Karen’s free gift for Realtors below.

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