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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Aug 30, 2018

This week, Good Girls Get Rich features, guest, Diana Dorell. Diana is a women's empowerment leader, healer and modern day medicine woman who helps women own and step into their power to create lives of grace, love and magic.


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Episode Spotlights:

  • Diana’s mission is to be a spaceholder for women (2:45)
  • Called to help other people live life in full technicolor, and was continually called to help other people with relationships (5:16)


  • Diana “knew things about people that she didn’t want to know” (6:12)
  • How to protect your energy (7:21)
  • How to put boundaries around your personal and work life (9:35)
  • Prioritize your day, be the gatekeeper for yourself. Train people how to respect your boundaries (12:40)
  • If you live in a space of “yes, and” anything is possible (15:00)
  • It is possible to have a relationship with a man that is so grounded that he wants you to fly in your business but you have to claim that (17:01)
  • You can be independent in your business and interdependent in your relationship (19:35)
  • Being receptive is a good place to be in your business AND your personal life (20:00)


  • Create a surrender box (24:49)


  • Diana’s morning routine (26:48)
  • How to incorporate romantic love into your love of your career (27:53)


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