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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Jan 15, 2018

This week, Good Girls Get Rich features guest, Sue Falcone, CEO at Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau blog.

Who Is Sue Falcone:

Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau was founded by CEO, Sue Falcone, who recognized the need for a speakers bureau that would represent professional speakers, and provide the perfect speaker for clients who sought the best for their events with a personal "hands on" custom touch.

As a former corporate executive who hired outside speakers and trainers, to becoming a professional speaker and author being hired, and now to creating a distinctive and unique speakers bureau representing speakers for hire, she has gained the experience and expertise needed to give a full service experience.

This invaluable experience gives her an advantage in the industry of being able to provide consulting services in addition to selecting the best speakers to represent. all at no extra charge to her clients.

Episode Spotlights:

An interview with Sue Falcone, CEO at Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau blog.

  • Sue’s career background before becoming a speaker and then speakers’ bureau owner
  • Aspirations of becoming a speaker
  • Topics she talked about when she was a speaker
  • How her speakers bureau business came to life
  • What her business is all about

What event planners and speakers bureaus look for in professional speakers:

  • The importance of business planning for professional speakers
  • Video clip as an important tool for applying as a professional speaker to cope up with competition
  • The role of social media in the speaking profession
  • Google and personal branding
  • How to position yourself as a valuable professional speaker
  • How to leverage unpaid speaking engagements to monetize them

-unique speaking tools, business planning, skills acquisition, market positioning

  • The need for a speaker to build up his/her audience in social media to keep up with competition

What should the professional speaker’s business plan contain?

  • Target market
  • Your look - this includes your confidence and headshot
  • Where your clients are hanging out

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:
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