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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Jan 7, 2018

Episode Spotlights:


  • What to bring in 2018 and what to leave in 2017
  • The importance of visibility and using visibility tools
  • Responsibilities of digital influencers
  • How to step into the role of a digital marketer
  • No matter how large your following is, your fans are looking up to you as if you’re their teacher
  • How to incorporate your personal beliefs into your business
  • Using the power of your visibility
  • What happens when your visibility grows and what you will do as digital marketers
  • Utilizing evergreen content
  • Be seen as a digital ambassador for your audience
  • Linkedin is the place for you to start your personal brand


Final Insights:


  • With visibility comes with responsibility
  • Stay confident with your message
  • No matter what you do, stay true to yourself
  • Do your homework on anything before you share with your following
  • Figure out what works for you and be okay with it

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:
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