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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

May 19, 2024

Hi everyone! Karen here with your shownotes from my recent conversation with Amber McCue on the Good Girls Get Rich podcast.

Key Takeaways:

  • Amber has run multiple businesses while living all over the world, from Ethiopia to Chicago to Cote d'Ivoire to California, thanks to her husband's job in the Foreign Service. She's an expert at designing businesses to run from anywhere.
  • The landscape of online business and marketing is rapidly changing. We have to carve out time to re-evaluate how we're connecting with customers and adapt. What worked before may not work now.
  • As CEOs and business owners, we need to focus less on high-volume productivity and more on vision, strategy and creativity. Having systems, team and structure in place gives you that space.
  • Amber teaches the "how to clone yourself" methodology - finding someone to offset your strengths/weaknesses and multiply your efforts so you're not doing everything yourself. It's about streamlining your engine.
  • There's been a shift in online education from long pre-recorded video courses to more interactive, consultative experiences that give real-time support. People need customized help fast when issues come up.
  • As an entrepreneur, surround yourself with advisors so you have people to turn to when you make mistakes. Learn from it, pivot and find a new strategy. Failure is just a stepping stone.
  • Amber has some exciting events coming up - a free Modern CEO training and her annual Plan-a-thon strategic planning event in the fall. Check the shownotes for details!

My top insight was how important it is to be adaptable right now. Be willing to let go of old ways of doing things and stay tapped into how your market is evolving. Get support and keep that bigger picture in mind as a leader.

Let me know your biggest aha moment! And be sure to connect with Amber at Talk to you next week!

Show Notes and Video:


Magical Quotes from the Episode:

  1. "If you don't have time, if you're just producing all the time, on an old way of connecting with clients, on an old way of doing things, man, we're gonna get left behind." - Amber McCue
  2. "You've got to be able to connect with your clients where they are showing up, right?" - Amber McCue
  3. "I would rather pay for help than pay for mistakes." - Karen Yankovich
  4. "Referrals are happening on LinkedIn. So that's one of the reasons why. And really, I work really hard to help tailor what we do to make it as timeless marketing as possible." - Karen Yankovich
  5. "As we change, you know, there's we can pivot and I'm here for that, Amber's here for that. So reach out to either of us. We got you." - Karen Yankovich
  6. "We are taught to be great employees, right? We'll crank it out, productivity. I'm gonna have a mindset of like me coming up early in my career and like, I can get a lot done... So we're taught to produce, but when we step into that CEO level, role and owner role and to really get the freedom, you got to stop the high levels of productivity, and you've got to shift how you get productivity and think about the future."
  7. "The idea of cloning yourself is so fun. It's that feeling that man, I wish I had a clone, I wish there was someone who could help with this, I wish I can multiply my efforts, multiply my results."


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