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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

May 13, 2019

This week’s episode of Good Girls Get Rich Podcast is jam-packed of information about LinkedIn.


We are joined by Rebecca Vertucci, a Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn where she has trained recruiters and hiring personnel on how to find and hire top talent and build their employer brands. Rebecca is also the founder of The Vertucci Group, which provides coaching, workshops and online programs for career transitioners, entrepreneurs and business leaders. Rebecca is frequently called on to speak at conferences, universities and corporations to bring her unique perspective and expertise to audiences around the globe.


In this episode, Karen and Rebecca talk about LinkedIn in a very passionate way. Listen and learn LinkedIn hacks from two angles – entrepreneur and LinkedIn employee perspective. This is gonna be a long one but we promise you a bunch of tips and strategies on leveraging LinkedIn for your business. So, buckle up and enjoy!



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Episode Spotlights:

  • Rebecca’s journey as an entrepreneur and as a LinkedIn employee (4:45)
  • Does employer branding differ from company branding? (8:25)
  • The LinkedIn company page is your LinkedIn website and content hub. (12:51)
  • Getting more people to see your content on LinkedIn (14:28)
  • LinkedIn is a quality game, not a quantity game. (18:15)
  • Tips and strategies to get more eyes on your business page (20:40)
  • Advantage of using LinkedIn Native Video than just posting a YouTube link: You get “real” views. (23:55)
  • What kind of content should you be posting on your LinkedIn Company page and how often? (28:45)
  • LinkedIn Hack: Pay attention to what’s trending. (30:49)
  • Best practices for setting up a LinkedIn Company Page (32:48)
  • What is a Spotlight Page and when should you use it? (36:38)
  • Optimizing Linkedln page for SEO in Google (40:15)
  • LinkedIn is the biggest aggregator of content. (41:45)
  • Tips for managing your LinkedIn company page (44:18)
  • For a small organization perspective, how should you leverage your LinkedIn Company page? (47:03)
  • A company that invests in their employee’s personal brands just builds a stronger company. (53:43)


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