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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Apr 1, 2019

As Karen previously stated, LinkedIn is the best place to be in 2019. This also applies to podcasts!


If you are a podcaster, or you want to be a podcaster, this week’s Good Girls Get Rich episode is definitely for you! On this episode, Karen gave strategic tips on achieving your podcast goals. And of course, as you may already know, Karen’s expertise is LinkedIn so expect this episode to dive deep on specifically converting your LinkedIn connections to your podcast’s success.


Karen recently became a guest speaker of Podfest Multimedia Expo and some of the things she talked about on this episode are rounded up from her talk on the said event. Listen and learn about the best practices for your LinkedIn profile that can get you more strategic visibility which will then lead to doubling your podcast goals – more downloads more guests and greater success!



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Episode Spotlights:

  • Karen’s LinkedIn inbox is more valuable than her email inbox right now. (3:15)
  • Spend few hours a week on LinkedIn to double your podcast goals. Get strategic visibility. (4:04)
  • Learn how LinkedIn became the money tree for monetizing Good Girls Get Rich Podcast (5:08)
  • Realizing the importance of your personal brand as the podcast host. (7:15)
  • BE YOU. Your podcast is most successful when you are you on your podcast. Same is true with LinkedIn. (8:19)
  • Think about your LinkedIn profile strategically. Take advantages of the best practices for your LinkedIn profile (9:10)
  • The power of keywords: When do you want your profile to come up? Use those words in your LinkedIn headline and summary. (10:26)
  • Utilizing LinkedIn’s ‘My Dashboard’ section strategically. (13:04)
  • Make your LinkedIn experience section stand out. (16:30)
  • Use LinkedIn to get in front of the EXACT RIGHT people. (18:10)
  • Be Proactive, Not Reactive to Building your LinkedIn network (19:52)
  • Are you connecting with your local media? (23:04)
  • Take advantage of LinkedIn’s new feature on building network on your next event (25:39)
  • 6 Tips Converting Your LinkedIn Connections to Podcast Success (28:30)
  • For podcasts, audio is KING. (30:38)
  • LinkedIn also loves video. They’ve recently come out native video and will release Live video soon. (32:45)
  • Creating LinkedIn long form post for your show (34:40)
  • LinkedIn has become very hashtag centric. Create a hashtag for your show. (36:00)
  • At the end of the day, this is about building powerful relationships, not just about building a network (37:55)
  • Learn about the 8 step system Karen is using on LinkedIn (39:40)

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