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Good Girls Get Rich Podcast

Feb 4, 2019

This week on Good Girls Get Rich, Karen sat down with Sylvia Acevedo, author, entrepreneur, engineer and Girl Scouts of America’s CEO, and talked about Sylvia’s journey from being a girl scout to a rocket scientist.  Sylvia Acevedo is an award-winning entrepreneur who has earned worldwide recognition for her work in addressing one of society’s most vexing challenges. She holds a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering from Stanford University where she was one of the first Hispanics, male or female, to have earned a graduate engineering degree. Sylvia earned her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from New Mexico State University. One day, upon reminiscing, she realized that the greatest inflection point in her life was the day she decided to be a girl scout.


Listen and get inspired to do what you love and create your own path. Also, don’t forget to show your support to the younger girls by finding your local girl scouts and buy delicious cookies from them.


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Episode Spotlights:

  • Meet today’s Guest, Sylvia Acevedo (1:52)
  • A peek on Sylvia’s book: Path to the Stars: My Journey from Girl Scout to Rocket Scientist and why she wrote it (3:15)
  • Math is being used now to form communities. It opens a new world of opportunities. (6:32)
  • Know the inspiring story about how being part of Girl Scouts of America turn Sylvia’s life around (7:45)
  • One of the good things about Girl Scouts: Project Management and Problem Solving 101 (13:10)
  • Girl power is rising! Sixty percent (60%) of the women who are recently elected are girl scouts (17:00)
  • The Cookie Program: Entrepreneurship in Action – A great foundation to show entrepreneurial spirit. (20:20)
  • Keep younger girls inspired and motivated. Continue making things happen! (25:30)
  • What do you love doing? Create your OWN path. (28:33)
  • Find the right people and surround yourself with them. (30:12)
  • Confidence doesn’t come from being good at something. It comes from knowing that you can figure it out. (33:10)
  • Be a G.I.R.L. girl. Go getter.IRisk-taker.Leader. (34:10)
  • Entrepreneurs are risk-takers by nature. Risk taking is an important part of our journey. (35:04)
  • Check out other ways to support the Girl Scouts aside from buying their delicious cookies! (36:30)
  • Summary of this episode and an inspiring closing message from Karen (42:45)

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